samedi 17 octobre 2015

free WA LOVE - Octobre rose contre le cancer - Pink October

Pour toutes les femmes qui se battent, With LOVE un word-art pour vos petits mots doux, pour vos photos... voici une page faite avec le freebie de RasperryRoadDesigns qui nous a concocté un beau kit pour l'occasion :)

This little gift for all women who are fighting, With LOVE, a word-art for your sweet words, your photos... made with the free kit offered by RaspBerryRoad designs who made a beautifull collection for the occasion :)

kit Think Pink by RaspBerryRoad designs

available at / disponible chez

mini free :

find freebies on RaspBerryRoadDesigns blog

free word-art

direct download via 4shared
made with the free glass beads Lettering
offered by Cruzine Designs

free download from DealJumbo

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  1. Thanks so much for your freebies and extra's much appreciated


merci pour ce petit mot :) NathL